Google Updates Responsive Website Indexing

Last year Google introduced Responsive Website Indexing – a method which favours mobile-friendly sites by placing them ahead of non-friendly sites in search results. See our article ‘Upcoming Google Search Changes’ of 10 May 2015. Google is now introducing an update that strengthens the tests and may omit entirely any web page that is not easily viewed on mobile devices.

Many people believe that if a website can be seen on a small screen, then it is mobile-friendly. This most definitely is not the case! A truly responsive (mobile-friendly) site has the ability to rearrange content and to adjust the layout of a website page so that the viewer’s screen, however small, can readily accommodate that page.  The result is that content is readily accessible and easily read.

Is your website responsive (mobile-friendly)?  Google provides this tool which will test your site free of charge: If your site is not mobile-friendly you WILL be losing traffic already.  Pukka Websites can convert your existing non-responsive site to a fully mobile-friendly site at a low, low cost. You have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain by asking Pukka Websites for a free quote to update your site.

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