copy-writingCopywriting in this context can be described as the act of writing for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, a business, or even a person’s thoughts. The intention is to persuade the reader to buy the advertised product or to sign up to receive further thoughts, articles etc.

One of the most important exercises that we undertake is to review your existing website entirely, checking each page’s content and adjusting or in extreme cases, rewriting the content as necessary to ensure that your message is transmitted to the reader in a manner that they can readily absorb and understand and which has their interest.  A further important element of this web page content review is to review the existing search engine optimisation (if any) of your website.  Over 70% of all websites have little or no optimisation which places them at an immediate disadvantage against highly optimised sites

We can create for you: online advertisements, marketing emails, advertising brochures and flyers, press releases, direct mailing content, tag lines and other marketing and internet content generally.  We also create copy for entry in your own or third-party blogs, social media/networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc

Good copywriting should tell a story in such a manner that it attracts and retains the reader’s attention and interest, ideally producing the desired response.