The Future of Google+

Google+ has been in the news quite often recently. It seems that Vic Gundotra (head of Google+) and Google are parting company and 1,000 or more of the team that has worked on Google+ will now be reassigned within the Google workplace. TechCrunch recently published an article headed ‘Google+ is Walking Dead‘ which, as might be expected, has sparked reaction from Google.

One might wonder what this change of staff both at the helm and down through the echelons will mean for the Google+ platform. And how may it affect those people and businesses that attempt to use Google+ as a marketing tool.

Huffington Post recently ran an article entitled ‘Google+ Isn’t Dead. It’s Just In A Coma And On Life Support‘ which may provide the answer in its punchline ‘The Google+ profile you haven’t looked at in months isn’t going away anytime soon. The difference is that Google is going to start paying a lot less attention to it.’

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